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AI-MAS in Bucharest, Romania

Posted by andrei on February 19, 2011

Andrei represents Facebook recruiting at the AI Winter Olympics in Bucharest, Romania. His talk "Three Cool Things About Facebook" is scheduled for 10:00am EET at Facultatea Automatica, University Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania. See schedule for more details. The event is open to everyone and free of charge, but RSVP is required.


Posted by Christian on
I have not been to Romania but my dear friend, Emma, is from Romania. She has a bfaitueul life testimony that I wish I had space to share! One thing I admire about her is resolution of faith to maintain a positive outlook while in America enduring at least eight years without seeing her family in Romania (they could not even come to her wedding). I post her responses for her: Are you Romanian? Yes, I was born in Targu Mures in 1977.Have you ever lived in or visited Bucharest or elsewhere in Romania? I've lived in Targu Mures for almost 21 years. One of my most favorite places to visit is Podoleni, my grandfather's village in Moldova, right over the Carpathians. Grandpa still wakes up in the morning when the rooster crows and spends most of his days in the garden or tending to his chickens and his goat. What do you think of when you think of Romania? I think of my parents and how much I miss them, I think of my mom's cooking. See, it's hard for me to explain to my mother that the food here tastes different even when I cook with the same ingredients. Romanian cheese is the best, especially cow cheese. You can find the best bread in the world there. I remember when we had missionaries visiting with us, they would have been content to just sit and eat bread with a nice cup of tea. You don't need to toast it or put anything on it. [Amy's insert: My kind of bread! When Emma and I were roommates, why didn't I learn more about Romanian cooking??] What would you want to do if you were visiting Bucharest? I would go to a large supermarket and look for CEAI DE FRUCTE DE PADURE (dried wild flowers and wild herbs tea)Is there particular Romanian food one should not miss? Their cheese and bread Anything that's home cooked, meaning anything that takes hours and hours of preparation in the kitchen usually tastes wonderful.What would you recommend as a gift to bring back? The merchants who are selling on the side of the road sell bfaitueul sheep skins. They are soft and wonderful, we use them to keep warm, they also look bfaitueul. (Watch out though, they shouldn't charge you more than $20 per sheep skin)If you would want to haggle over prices, even in foreign country where you don't speak their language, Romania is perfect place to do it God bless you and have a wonderful stay! Emma Diment
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